Bond and Preliminary Hearings

   If you have a friend or loved one who is being detained prior to trial, it may be possible to obtain a bond, even if prior requests have been denied. If a bond has already been set, but it is too high, it may be possible to obtain a lower bond. 


   The court will often set restrictions or "bond conditions" in certain cases which can place substantial burdens on everyday life, especially if trial is still a long ways away. In these circumstances, an attorney may be able to obtain a modification or termination of those conditions. 

   Additionally, an accused may be entitled to a preliminary hearing on the charges. Generally, the following must be met in order to have a preliminary hearing: 

  - no prior preliminary hearing has been conducted and the accused has not been indicted; AND

  - no bond has been set; OR

  - the accused has not made (bonded out); OR

  - the accused has bonded out and there are special restrictive conditions of bond.

In some cases, charges may be dismissed at a preliminary hearing, potentially ending the case. Therefore, it is important to speak with an attorney about how a preliminary hearing may benefit the defendant's case. 

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