Peace Officer Standards & Training Council Hearings

The Georgia Peace Officer Standards & Training council is the entity which oversees, investigates, and, if necessary, disciplines Georgia Officers for allegations of misconduct. 

"It is the mission of the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council (P.O.S.T.) to provide the citizens of Georgia with qualified, professionally trained, ethical and competent peace officers and criminal justice professionals."

The Everyone makes mistakes, even officers. Sometimes those mistakes lead to criminal charges against active law enforcement officers. Whether the error lies with the charging officer or the accused, when an officer is charged with criminal wrongdoing, P.O.S.T. will investigate the claim and make their own independent recommendation, regardless of the outcome of the criminal charges. In some cases, even when an officer is not charged criminally, an officer could face loosing their P.O.S.T. certification and with it, the ability to work as a law enforcement officer in the State of Georgia.  

While not all P.O.S.T. actions or proceedings arise from criminal charges, our office works with officers facing disciplinary proceedings to maintain their certification or in some cases, achieve a lesser sanction/punishment. 

If you need assistance with a P.O.S.T. related issue, call 770-474-9335 for a free consultation. 

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