Traffic Citations / Tickets

If you have received a traffic citation, you're probably concerned about how it will effect your license. Most clients are concerned as well about the consequences on their auto insurance. Some things to keep in mind are as follows: 

 - For drivers who are under 21 or have multiple recent traffic violations, certain offenses may result in a suspension of your privilege to drive. 

 - Some offenses may result the disqualification of your commercial driver's license (CDL) 

privileges even if they don't suspend your driver's license. It may be possible to avoid this even without a trial. 


 - If you were charged as the at fault driver in an accident, you should speak to an attorney 

before paying the citation or "forfeiting bond" before your scheduled court date. 

 - It may be possible to withdraw your plea or bond forfeiture if you've already been negatively effected by a recent plea or after paying the fine ("bond forfeiture") for your traffic citations. 

Call 770-474-9335 or email us at to schedule a free consultation before your scheduled court date to find out how a conviction or plea to the charges could effect your driving privileges and how we might be able to help. 



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